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About Jenny and Neil Miller | Layne Miller | Hamburg Expressions | Lexington KY

My dad is Neil Miller and mom is Jenny Miller and they’ve been doing dentistry for a long time, I forgot how many years but it’s a long time.  It’s more than you would think it would be. I think my father started off at Harrisburg and then we moved to Scottsville.  They did their own business there in  Scottsville for a long time and then they moved to Lexington. They started [Hamburg Expressions] about 5 years ago I think so it’s been good.

[Hamburg expressions is a cosmetic dentist office in Lexington, KY]

Saving Money and Time with Porcelain Veneers | Lexington Cosmetic Dentist

When you decide to go the route of cosmetic dentistry, there are many different options for perfecting your smile.  Some methods are cheaper than others, but you have consider the longevity of the veneers you will get for your smile make over.  Also, will the new veneers need repairs and replacements in the future?  Can I change the color once they are on?

You must consider these questions before getting work done.  Usually, you will realize it’s best to do it right the first time.  This is where Porcelain Veneers come in.  Cost of the veneers will depend on the total number of teeth.  They usually range from $700 to $2,000 per tooth.  When considering the cost of porcelain veneers how long they will last, and their overall attractiveness.

Porcelain veneers tend to be a long lasting alternative to other treatments that cost less but must be repaired more often and lose their cosmetic appeal more quickly.

Would you rather pay once and get it done right, or constantly repair them?

Do it right the first time, and get porcelain veneers.

My Son is Pitching Now | Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD | Lexington KY

“My son started pitching this year.  Because up until now they always did coach pitch, but now they have to hit off the kids pitching.  Even when he was little he would go through the motions of what pitchers do, how they line up and lift their leg and then throw it and we’d take pictures.  And now he is actually pitching and he does it the same way he did it before.  He is kinda a bit like me, he is little like me with small arms and no real strength.  He is accurate though, he can throw strikes and as long as he has his team behind him defensively, he can throw strikes.”

Dr. Jenny Miller DMD is a cosmetic dentist in Lexington, KY.

Why Metal Free Dentistry? | Tooth Colored Fillings | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD | Lexington KY

“Why metal free you might wonder?  Another very important part and reason not to use metal in cosmetic dentistry is the cosmetic or aesthetic effect.  If a natural tooth has a silver color and metal filling, when the light hits that tooth the light hits the tooth, hits the metal and bounces back out, turning the tooth grey.  So you can see images of a tooth that has a metal filling in it and the grey appearance the tooth has and when the metal filling is removed and replace with a tooth colored filling, how the tooth completely revitalizes becomes much brighter and you can just sense it is much healthier as a result.  So with any fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges, we are always going to search for the metal free option.”

At Hamburg Expressions you can experience metal free dentistry by Dr. Jenny Miller and Neil Miller.

Miller Family Barbeque! | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD

…..What beautiful weather we have had lately…what a great time for a family barbeque! We celebrated our daughter, Layne’s, 15th birthday together. Neil’s side of the family came to spend the day with us…including his 95 year old grandmother. Neil broke out the smoker and he smoked chicken and grilled burgers. A few games of “cornhole” and a bonfire with S’mores were a wonderful way to wrap up a perfect day!

The Health Benefits of Metal Free Dentistry | Lexington KY | Neil Miller

The health benefits associated with Metal Free Dentistry as a whole are very important to discuss. The reason we don’t like metal in the mouth because anytime you look in a mouth that has no dentistry in it, a natural mouth, there is no metal in it.  So, if we can avoid using metal in the mouth, that would always be our preference.

Types of Metal Free Fillings | Porcelain Fillings versus Composite Fillings | Lexington KY | Jenny Miller DMD

Metal Free Fillings. There are two options as far as metal free fillings go.  One can be a composite resin material that the dentist places directly in the tooth.  The other is a porcelain material that is fabricated in a dental lab and then is placed on at second appointment and bonded to the tooth. They are very important not only for the aesthetics, the appearance of the tooth, and that they are tooth colored and blend seamlessly with the tooth. They are also important because they are bonded to the tooth.

Hamburg Expressions Cosmetic Dental Technician takes Masters Course

Neil Miller CDT

” The Art of Esthetics and Ceramics Master Course”

Neil Miller CDT, Master Dental Technician with Hamburg Expressions, in Lexington, Ky, completed “The Art of Esthetics and Ceramics Master Course” presented by Oliver Brix, MDT. Upon returning from the course Neil said,”I think I have gained a wealth of information as to how to manage the materials I am already using in a new way that will result in a higher calibur of esthetics when producing porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, etc… This will ultimately take my lab to the next level. The best way to be the best is to learn from the best!”