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Saving Money and Time with Porcelain Veneers | Lexington Cosmetic Dentist

When you decide to go the route of cosmetic dentistry, there are many different options for perfecting your smile.  Some methods are cheaper than others, but you have consider the longevity of the veneers you will get for your smile make over.  Also, will the new veneers need repairs and replacements in the future?  Can I change the color once they are on?

You must consider these questions before getting work done.  Usually, you will realize it’s best to do it right the first time.  This is where Porcelain Veneers come in.  Cost of the veneers will depend on the total number of teeth.  They usually range from $700 to $2,000 per tooth.  When considering the cost of porcelain veneers how long they will last, and their overall attractiveness.

Porcelain veneers tend to be a long lasting alternative to other treatments that cost less but must be repaired more often and lose their cosmetic appeal more quickly.

Would you rather pay once and get it done right, or constantly repair them?

Do it right the first time, and get porcelain veneers.

Why Metal Free Dentistry? | Tooth Colored Fillings | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD | Lexington KY

“Why metal free you might wonder?  Another very important part and reason not to use metal in cosmetic dentistry is the cosmetic or aesthetic effect.  If a natural tooth has a silver color and metal filling, when the light hits that tooth the light hits the tooth, hits the metal and bounces back out, turning the tooth grey.  So you can see images of a tooth that has a metal filling in it and the grey appearance the tooth has and when the metal filling is removed and replace with a tooth colored filling, how the tooth completely revitalizes becomes much brighter and you can just sense it is much healthier as a result.  So with any fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges, we are always going to search for the metal free option.”

At Hamburg Expressions you can experience metal free dentistry by Dr. Jenny Miller and Neil Miller.

Do you Hate Your Smile? | Do You Want a new smile? | Trial Smile

” in the meantime we want the patient to be able to experience life with our first proposal. The trial smile procedure we do here is one of the most significant key factors in our case. Basically someone comes in and they want a smile makeover. They way to start that is to use a diagnostic, we take impressions of clients mouth and take them into the lab. We then create the perfect smile for the client in wax. Once we do that we can make a matrix for the dentist so that when the dentist goes into the mouth and prepares the teeth for the porcelain veneers. We translate in a simple five minute procedure, we take the splint from the diagnostic and fill the splint with a tooth colored resin material. And place that splint over the patients prepared teeth. So that when they sit up from having the initial treatment done, they have the cosmetic result. Here is our first trial of what your teeth will look like. But lets make sure that we can eat with them, that you can talk with them, that they aren’t too long or interrupt your speech patterns. The patient can live with those for two weeks while the veneers are being made in the laboratory. Changes can still simply be made during these two weeks. So that once the final veneers go in there is no surprises. We all just know exactly where we are going because of the communication. The trial smile is a step that should never be skipped in cosmetic dentistry.”

Dr Jenny Miller DMD | Testimonial | Marsha | Hamburg Expression

“My name is Marsha, and before I felt like my teeth.. the color wasn’t bright and they were too big and didn’t look natural. I’ve had porcelain veneers, caps replaced, I’ve had a dental implant. It is definitely worth coming here. I drive probably a little over an hour to get here to Lexington Kentucky.   Anything I have done, Dr Miller is so gentle and she just keeps asking while she is working on you, are you hurting? I never had. I thought that was amazing, because I’ve always been afraid of the dentist. I think my teeth look very natural now. I think my life has changed, I do feel more confident. I have gotten a lot compliments on my smile and my teeth.”

The Importance of a Dental Lab | Lexington KY | Hamburg Expressions | Dr Jenny Miller DMD


When a patient is having a tooth or teeth replaced, your cosmetic dentist will send a mold and the specifications to an off-site lab for the teeth to be created.  When your brand new teeth are shipped back, the dental office will verify the quality, condition, and appearance of your new teeth.  If the patient or the dentist is not completely satisfied, the teeth are then returned to the off-site dental lab for readjustment.  This process of sending and verification can potentially prolong  a procedure for weeks.

Meet With The Lab Technician

When there is an in-house lab available, a patient can meet with the lab technician face to face and get any questions or concerns answered.  An additional advantage is that the lab technician can now see the symmetry of the patient’s face and can create better fitting dental implants or fittings. There is no need for compromise because the patient can meet with the technician, face to face, and their crowns can be adjusted “while they wait.”


With an in-house dental laboratory, there is instant accountability on the technicians.  They take pride in their work and can produce Higher Aesthetic Quality because minute details can be immediately adjusted.

Meet Francie at Hamburg Expressions!

A Friendly Face to Greet You at Hamburg Expressions

We are happy to introduce our new office manager, Francie!  We all look forward to seeing Francie every day because she is always smiling. As soon as you walk in our doors, at Hamburg Expressions, Francie is there to welcome you with that beautiful smile.  She is such a benefit to our practice and our patients because she has several years of experience as a dental office manager.  She is able to efficiently assist our patients with their dental insurance, maximizing their insurance benefits and sequencing dental treatment appointments in a manner that is convenient to the patient.  She has already revolutionized our practice by implementing a state of the art practice management software allowing us to be paperless!  Francie will make your dental appointment experience easy instead of a chore!

“My name is Francie, I have worked in the dental field for around 14 years now.   I am excited to be joining the Hamburg Expressions team.  I have found cosmetic dentistry to be my favorite aspect of dentistry.  I love seeing the change we can bring to a patient with a new smile.  I have recently moved to the Lexington area about 4 years ago with my family.  I have 5 children that keep me very busy.  Our oldest has made me a grandmother this past December in which I am really enjoying.  Two of my children are in college this fall, one in high school and one little one at home. ”

A new smiling face to greet you at Hamburg Expressions!

We are welcoming our newest team member…Angela!

It saddens my heart to have to say goodbye to my dear friend and my right hand, my dental assistant for around six years…the original Angelia. But we wish her the best as she starts a new and exciting life overseas with her husband.

We were fortunate to find our new Angela right next door to the office. She was instructing at the dental assisting school. Angela has already brought several creative ideas to the practice. She is very attentive and comforting to all of our patients. She is always smiling:)

“As a new addition to the Hamburg Expressions team, I feel privileged to work alongside Dr. Miller and her husband Neil.  I share their passion for cosmetic dentistry, and enjoy working closely with patients to achieve their smile goals!  Although I grew up in Connecticut, I’m proud to call Kentucky home. I’ve been here for twelve years and can’t imagine living anywhere else!  Outside of work, I stay busy with my two beautiful daughters, Jade and Brooke.”       -Angela

Modern Dental Care In Your Neighborhood | Lexington KY | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD

“Having my smile restored has improved my confidence immensely.” – Kem

“My friends all tell me how pretty my smile is. I love my teeth! :)” -Layne

Modern Dental Care in your Neighborhood: Composite Veneers & Implant Dentistry

“Now I am quick to smile just to show off my new teeth!” – Jeff

“Without the confidence from you giving me the perfect smile, I wouldn’t have been selected to be in the pageant!” – Brittany

Looking for a modern, general dentist in your Lexington, KY?

Dr. Jenny Miller has been practicing general dentistry for 16 years and offers modern, gentle dental care in a relaxing environment.

Customized Porcelain & Porcelain Veneers | Lexington KY | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD

“I couldn’t believe that they matched my veneer so perfectly to the rest of my teeth. I couldn’t stop smiling!” – Mary

“Stop putting it off and give Dr. Miller a call. You won’t regret it and will wish you did it sooner!” – Brenda


Customized Porcelain and Porcelain veneers

In-Office Dental Lab

  • Our In-Office dental lab gives HAMBURG EXPRESSIONS a unique advantage by allowing us to customize porcelain to match the surrounding teeth to perfection therefore preventing return visits. It’s ideal when only one or two restorations need to be done.

Visit for more Before & After Photos of Smile Transformations

confident smiles with Implant Crowns | Lexington KY | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD

“Now I am quick to smile just to show off my new teeth. When someone tells you that your smile is beautiful it makes it worth it!” – Jeff

confident smiles with implant crowns

  • Replace missing teeth while preserving the gums and bone in the area by using dental implants.
  • Implant crowns can be use din combination with porcelain veneers to perfect the smile.
  • In office dental lab customizes the porcelain chair-side.