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Boca Raton Cosmetic Dentists — What Are Veneers?

South Florida cosmetic dentist Adam Barbag, who has dental offices in Boca Raton and Coral Springs, explains what veneers are.

Can teens have porcelain veneers? | Dr. Jenny Miller |Hamburg Expressions | Lexington KY

Upper and Lower Veneers Testimonial | Kathy Childress | Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD | Lexington KY

My name is Kathy Childress. I am one of the owners of CrossFit Maximus which is a functional fitness facility in Lexington, KY. I guess that’s how Jenny and I met each other about 5 years ago. We were fitness buddies and she mentioned to me that she was going back to work. At the time I didn’t know that she was a dentist, or a cosmetic dentist at that.

She has done twelve veneers on my upper and lower teeth and they have been great. They feel like my own teeth and I have no problems with them at all. I get compliments on them all the time on my smile and I’m usually the one giving up information when people comment about my smile and how pretty my smile is and I give Jenny any time that I can.

Composite Veneers Testimonial | Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD | Lexington, KY



My name is Layne, I’m 14 and I’ve had composites done on my top eight teeth. They feel like my natural teeth and i get a lot of compliments on them all the time. People say that they are so white, pretty and perfect and that they want to get their teeth worked on too.

Using Your Dental Benefits and Flex Spending before end of year

If your employer has provided the benefit of a Flex Spending Account you are eligible to up to 40% of the cost of you and your family’s dental work by using pre-tax dollars.
By the end of the year, your Flex Spending Accounts may not be available for you to use due to new legislation.
Here are some ways for you to use your FSA before the end of the year:
  • Plan major expenses ahead of time.  You can prevent the hit of a major expense by spreading the cost throughout the year.
  • If you have Orthodontia Insurance, you can pair it with your FSA to save a substantial amount of money on your orthodontia. The only approved FSA expense that can be reimbursed during the course of treatment and payments are made, is orthodontia.
  • You must claim your services provided by the end of the period determined by your plan.
  • Look over coverage from your insurance and expenses that you have to pay thoroughly before you determine how much to put into your FSA.  This will help you prevent losing left-over money at the end of your plan’s year and make sure to receive your eligible savings.
  • Cosmetic procedures are not covered expense for your FSA.  Things like Veneers (unless it is a health issue), whitening, won’t be re-imbursed.
Every time you arrive for a dental appointment, show your dental insurance ID card.  Make sure you understand your benefits before you being to pay for dental expenses.  Be diligent and use your FSA to pay only your portion of your cost.

Implant Crowns That Look Natural at Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD

Imagine the devastation one must feel when they lose a front tooth. Modern dentistry has eased that blow with the advent of tooth implants but still the challenge remains of matching the new implant crown to the natural surrounding teeth perfectly. Compromises in the esthetics or the appearance of the implant crown cannot be afforded when dealing with an upper front tooth. Many times what will happen when front teeth are not restored to match natural teeth is an avoidance to smile and ultimately a negative change in personality. Our smile is the first thing most people notice and when we smile we leave the impression that we are a happy person.
This is a case where an implant crown was made on the upper left central incisor and composite bonding was placed on the upper right central incisor in order to better match the crown. The poor, unnatural esthetics took their toll on the confidence of this patient so she sought out our services to get her natural smile back. After tooth whitening we replaced the implant crown and restored the adjacent central with the same material, porcelain. We customized these restorations in her mouth in order to achieve her natural look. Our unique advantage, at Hamburg Expressions, is our in-office lab. This allows us to perfect restorations in the mouth and process them in our lab while the patient is in the chair. The outcome was fabulous! We have naturally appearing front teeth and most importantly a happy patient who loves to smile!

Composite Veneers Testimonial For Hamburg Expressions

Watch Amy’s great story about her new composite veneers changed her life!!