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Welcome to Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD | Hamburg Expressions | Lexington, KY


Our office is located in Hamburg in Lexington, KY in the Hamburg area which is right off of the interstate and our office differs quite a bit from the standard dental office that you would walk into.   The most unique features about our practice is the fact that not only do we have an in-house lab but, my in-house lab technician is my husband and we’ve been married for 17 years now.  That really helps us in the lab to get immediate feedback on our cases. To be able to know what’s going well and unfortunately maybe what’s not going well over the years.

We know well how to communicate with one another and we use that to our advantage. He works with a lot of other fantastic cosmetic and re-constructive dentists and I benefit from that. Neil’s very progressive, he seeks out knowledge and wants to get better and better so he’s certified with LVI, the Las Vegas Institute, as a master Lab Technician.

We have twenty-two active clients in our laboratory right now and most of them are located out of state. We have lab clients in Knoxville; Indianapolis; Cincinnati; Raleigh, NC as well as others and doing those complex re-constructive and cosmetic cases for those other doctors also gives my wife, Dr. Miller,  an added perspective of the industry as well.

I’m able to communicate with my lab-technician because he’s right here so if something’s challenging, I can take it to him and I can say “what do you think we can do here?” The real benefit is the fact that it’s cost effective. It saves patients money in order to come in. There is fewer appointment time, we’re able to charge patients less for our restorations because it doesn’t take us as long to do these kinds of things.

You know when I was younger, you tend to get a fear of a dentist, and even going to the dentist and everything. I was very self-conscious about my smile and I’d actually gotten to the point where I would practice my smile  because of the way my teeth were stained and everything.  I’d practice my smile in front of the mirror and had it down to an art where I could hide my stains with my lower lip.

Was I nervous about initially getting the work done? Initially yes, but Dr. Miller’s fixed everything and it’s just a complete transformation. You know, coming in here, Dr. Miller and everyone was very nice and she’s very gentle and everything. I’m actually a different person because of the work that Dr. Miller’s done.

The best way in most situations that we can figure out where the end will be, is to models and photographs  of the teeth and do wax-ups before we start and then present those to our patients.  I sit down with a treatment plan and they can see really  close up what’s going on in their mouth, and I’ll go through periodontics, which is gums and bone; we’ll go through bio-mechanics which is the structurally sound feature of every tooth. We’ll go through the functionality of the teeth and we’ll also look at the aesthetics, what’s causing your teeth not  to look good. So looking at these things educates the patient as to what do we need to do to fix the problem we have at hand.

Then we finally get to our treatment options, and I don’t base those options on how much it’s going to cost or any other reason other than what will be best and I always compare that to what would I ant for myself .

CrossFit | Kathy Childress | What is CrossFit Maximus | Client of Hamburg Expressions

My name is Kathy Childress and I am part owner of CrossFit Maximus in Lexington, KY. CrossFit is a method of training where we move as heavy a weight we can as fast as we can. There are days where we have workouts that are 5 minutes long and sometimes it takes an hour long depending on your fitness level. It’s kind of the wave of the future. You constantly hear buzz about functional fitness and integral training; well CrossFit has meshed all of that together and have put together these workouts which we call WODs.(Workout of the Day) Each member comes into the gym with pre-planned programs ready for them at the beginning of the day. They don’t have to think about what they have to do that day or what muscle work they need to train, you work every muscle group on your body everyday at the gym.

It’s actually addicting and they enjoy it because they can get in and out quickly so there is not a whole lot of waisted time. There’s no mirrors, neon or any of the flashy gimmicks to distract you from your workout. You go in, you work and you go home.


Kathy Childress is one of the owners of CrossFit Maximus, a functional fitness facility in Lexington KY. She is also a patient of Hamburg Expressions. She explains in detail about CrossFit and how workouts can be customized and taylored to fit a persons needs and they types of workouts that they do each day. For more information on CrossFit Maximus and how they can work with you please visit their website at or call (859) 317-9568.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry please visit Hamburg Expressions at their website or call (859) 543-9000

Getting Over Dentist Appointment Nervousness | Richmond KY

Was I nervous about initially getting the work done, . . .  initially yes; but once I came, I felt really welcome. Everyone treated me great and I started feeling more and more welcome and the nervousness went away as the process went along.  It a matter of taking that first initial step, but I’m really glad that I did it.

Porcelain Veneers | Richmond Kentucky | Self Conscious About My Smile | Cosmetic Dentist Serving Richmond KY


My name is Kenny Lane and I live in Richmond, KY. I’ve been living there for a year and a half now and loving it. I actually started coming to see Dr. Miller about three years ago. I had six porcelain veneers placed on the front. Before I had them put on, I was very self-conscious about my smile, and I actually got to a point where I practiced my smile because of the way my teeth were stained and everything. I practiced my smile in front of the mirror and I had it down to an art where I could smile and hide my stains with my lower lip.

The first time I came to see Dr. Miller, the entire staff was really friendly and the atmosphere was very welcoming. When I was younger, I had a fear of a going to the dentist. But coming to Hamburg Expressions, everyone was very nice and Dr. Miller was very gentle so the entire experience was pleasant. She went in and fixed everything and it’s just a complete transformation. i’m actually a different person because of the work that Dr. Miller has done.

Kenny had tetracycline stains and fixed them with Porcelain Veneers. Hamburg Expressions is a cosmetic dentist office serving Richmond KY located in the Hamburg Area of Lexington KY.

Upper and Lower Veneers Testimonial | Kathy Childress | Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD | Lexington KY

My name is Kathy Childress. I am one of the owners of CrossFit Maximus which is a functional fitness facility in Lexington, KY. I guess that’s how Jenny and I met each other about 5 years ago. We were fitness buddies and she mentioned to me that she was going back to work. At the time I didn’t know that she was a dentist, or a cosmetic dentist at that.

She has done twelve veneers on my upper and lower teeth and they have been great. They feel like my own teeth and I have no problems with them at all. I get compliments on them all the time on my smile and I’m usually the one giving up information when people comment about my smile and how pretty my smile is and I give Jenny any time that I can.

Composite Veneers Testimonial For Hamburg Expressions

Watch Amy’s great story about her new composite veneers changed her life!!

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