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Implant Crowns That Look Natural at Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller DMD

Imagine the devastation one must feel when they lose a front tooth. Modern dentistry has eased that blow with the advent of tooth implants but still the challenge remains of matching the new implant crown to the natural surrounding teeth perfectly. Compromises in the esthetics or the appearance of the implant crown cannot be afforded when dealing with an upper front tooth. Many times what will happen when front teeth are not restored to match natural teeth is an avoidance to smile and ultimately a negative change in personality. Our smile is the first thing most people notice and when we smile we leave the impression that we are a happy person.
This is a case where an implant crown was made on the upper left central incisor and composite bonding was placed on the upper right central incisor in order to better match the crown. The poor, unnatural esthetics took their toll on the confidence of this patient so she sought out our services to get her natural smile back. After tooth whitening we replaced the implant crown and restored the adjacent central with the same material, porcelain. We customized these restorations in her mouth in order to achieve her natural look. Our unique advantage, at Hamburg Expressions, is our in-office lab. This allows us to perfect restorations in the mouth and process them in our lab while the patient is in the chair. The outcome was fabulous! We have naturally appearing front teeth and most importantly a happy patient who loves to smile!

What to do if your 12 year old child breaks a front tooth…

When a child is between the ages of 6 and 18 years old it can be very challenging to fix or restore a broken or damaged front tooth.  Porcelain veneers are the most ideal treatment for any broken, permanent, front tooth but investing that much into a tooth that is still changing and erupting fully can result in the need to replace the porcelain veneer sooner than later. At about the age of 18 years of age our upper incisors are very close to full eruption and ready for a long lasting porcelain crown or veneer. Prior to age 18,if a front tooth is badly broken, composite bonding or fillings can be done to mimic the original tooth form. It is always a challenge to match composite resin materials for a single, front, damaged tooth to the exact form, shade and value of an adjacent, natural tooth. Seek out the services of a great cosmetic dentist who proudly displays many before and after smile makeovers on their website. This week I was fortunate enough to offer my cosmetic dentistry services to a twelve year old boy. He damaged his front, permanent tooth in a basketball accident at school. He went to his local dentist and was patched together. This patch lasted about 2 years before the boy could tell his self esteem was being lowered because of the unnatural looking front tooth. We want our children to be happy and confident as they are developing their personalities in their teens. A seamless composite filling can prevent unhealthy habits of holding back or hiding their smile. I love giving people a reason to smile and the hope that their front tooth can and will look like their original before the devastating trauma occurred. It takes proper materials, skills, artistry and passion to be able to offer naturally appearing composite bonding and that is what you will find in me at Hamburg Expressions!