Why we use Aroma Therapy at Hamburg Expressions | Dr. Jenny Miller | Hamburg Expressions | Lexington KY


Aroma therapy, is just beaded pads that we warm in the microwave , that give off a lavender scent; so that when you lay them on, they feel nice and heavy and warm on your muscles and you get the scent of the lavender through out. This is so that you don’t have so much of that dental clinical smell when you’re having procedures done.

Sometimes our female patients don’t like using our eye cover pads because it can make their mascara run, but we do offer the eye cover option if they would like. It’s the same as the other pads with the beads in the cover, but you can just put it over your eyes so if you don’t want to see what’s going on, you don’t have to.  So it’s just those little additions to make going to the dentist just a little more comforting.

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